Sunday, November 27, 2011


it's about Mohamad Zaim parents named me, Mohamad Zaim bin Zainuddin..
..i was born 15 mac 1993, at Mentakab Hospital..
..but, now i'm staying at Tanjong Malim, Perak becoz my dad worked as Head of Development Proton Edar, Tg. Malim n my mum as a housewife at Proton City.. second sis are 17 years old, my third sis n lastly are 12 years old..
..i really LOVE mountain bike, photography, racing car, n travel..
..i just like simple lifestyle.. long i remember the ONE n ONLY, ALLAH..
..theres no one else special friends in my life, except MY FAMILY..
..special one?? i'm juz wait n wait n wait who can take care of me, loving me.. hope soo..